About Us

For High Fliers

Wings Recruitment Partners was founded in April 2018.

Our partners and consultants have provided years of service in banking and recruitment sector.

We believe that only by providing professional service and business ethics to clients can lead us to success.

Our main focus is providing recruitment and head hunting services for Banking, Legal and Financial Sector.

Our Approch

  • SYMPATHY ON BOTH SIDE: Providing service to both employer and employee
  • TIME SAVING: Screening is done by our consultant before the employer and employee meetup.
  • QUALITY REFERRAL: All the recruitment handled here are strictly following standard procedure in order to maintain the quality of our candidate and job referral.
  • ALL RECORDED: Since standard procedure are practiced, all the process are well documented and trackable.

Services Available


Our Executive Search service is focused on recruiting seasoned professionals with outstanding track records.


Contract Staffing Service offers an option to realize their strategic plans.


With Improved Human Resources Management

Trusted by 100s of Happy Clients

With Wings-partner, we are never running short of working force.